Challenge: Reinstill confidence in a homeowner by increasing profits after last rental management company fell short.


Pat and his family own a number of long-term vacation rentals. Living in NYC, Pat had his eye on a West Coast getaway that he could profit from. He bought this sun-drenched property in Seattle hot spot, Fremont. Pat had lots of experience working with vacation rental management services, but found that projections for this home fell short of his expectations. A friend and fellow investor introduced Pat to Better Vacations.

Initially, Pat was set on making this West coast dream home another long-term rental property. After the Better Vacations team analysis, he quickly realized that he’d reap more benefits from a short-term rental.

Pat needed a reliable team to keep his home in tip top shape. Not only for his guests, but also for occasional family getaways, since his sons went to school in Seattle.

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“After a few short months with a company that totally up-ended my home, I knew there had to be an alternative. Within the first 3 week with Better Vacations I had already matched my last 3 months of income with my previous PM!”

“It’s crazy how quickly Better Vacations was able to clean up and book my home. Now I’m seeing over 90% occupancy year-round, which leaves the perfect amount of time for me to escape to AZ now and then!”

Kevin - Kevin, Better Vacations Homeowner


Once Kevin discovered Better Vacations, he immediately felt his nerves calmed. He hadn’t experienced a company that managed literally every aspect of running a successful vacation rental, so he was excited to leave it to a team of experts.

“After countless second chances with my previous full-service company, I needed a switch. Within just a few weeks my property was booked at a rate higher than I’d ever seen it go for!”

Kevin discussed his maintenance and cleaning concerns with Lauren, whom heads the Better Vacations onboarding team. She helped connect his property to one of the most trustworthy, affordable and high-performing maintenance teams in Scottsdale and Kevin has now been consistently getting 5-star cleaning reviews.

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9 months


Better Vacations’ initial revenue projection for this home was $82,812/year and at the 9-month mark has already surpassed $76,851 which has been a pleasant surprise to everyone but is not uncommon as Better Vacations #1 meme within the company is to “under-project, over-perform.” With Better Vacation’s competitive management fee, Kevin was taking in more than he expected each month.

Nine months later, Kevin is talking about leveraging his unexpected profits into buying new property in Scottsdale and how excited he is to use his property without having to send a long email to his property manager about all the upkeep issues he discovered.

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